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My Husband’s Mistress Was Unaware of My Appearance, So I Devised a Clever Plan for Revenge

Victoria’s life was turned on its head when she discovered her husband’s infidelity, which sparked a clever scheme for retribution. She embarked on a journey of revenge that led to unexpected alliances and personal growth, all under the pretense of a mere gym membership.

Join me in this whirlwind narrative of emotions, strategy, and a hint of delicious revenge, unfolding over recent months. It reads like a soap opera script, but it’s all too real from my perspective.

It began when I, Victoria, a 31-year-old, found out about my husband Aaron’s betrayal. His affair with Monica, a gym trainer, was almost comically clichéd.

The irony was not lost on me. Aaron, never one to skip his evening beers, suddenly claimed to be a gym junkie, training as if he were an Olympic hopeful.

Driven by suspicion, I followed him one day and my worst fears were confirmed by a kiss shared with Monica in the gym parking lot—a gut-wrenching sight.

Driven by a need to know more, I did what any dignified woman would: I went through my husband’s phone while he was in the bathroom. The texts with his mistress were a stark slap in the face. She was aware of his marital status and seemed unconcerned.

“I hope your wife doesn’t find out. We have a strict policy about keeping our distance from clients and I don’t want any problems at work. But hey, I love you.”

“I’m waiting for you, sweetheart. How long will it take you to get here?”

“How about we dine at our favorite restaurant after today’s workout? They’ve got some of the most delicious recipes on their lunch menu, and all of them are zero carbs, gluten-free.”

I could only stomach three or four messages before disgust overwhelmed me. Aaron returned from the bathroom, suspecting nothing, and I feigned sleep, although I was seething inside.

The next morning, after Aaron went to work, I stormed the gym to confront Monica and expose her secret to her boss—a perfect, succinct revenge plot.

But the story took an unexpected turn that even I hadn’t foreseen.

Upon entering the gym, Monica welcomed me with a radiant smile.

“Hello. How are you doing? Are you here looking for a personal trainer?”

She clearly had no idea who I was, which presented an irresistible opportunity.

Despite my urge to reveal myself as the cheated wife, I chose discretion over drama.

“Yes,” I maintained composure, “I’m looking for a personal trainer.”

Monica, delighted to gain a new client, scheduled my first session under a pseudonym. Walking out of the gym, a smirk crossed my face, knowing she was clueless about my identity and plans.

Fast forward three months, and our interactions evolved into what appeared to be a friendship. We enjoyed shopping trips and numerous coffees together, and my physique showcased my newfound physical and emotional strength.

Aaron noticed my transformation, which sparked his curiosity and inadvertently caused him to distance himself from Monica, his mistress. This was an unintended but welcome result of my plan, allowing Monica to spend more time with me, deepening our unwitting bond.

“Hey, Vic. How do you feel about dinner? At our favorite restaurant, of course. I’ll be home by six so the two of us can enjoy some good food and romantic time. Hmm?” Aaron’s invitation seemed a desperate plea as he caressed my hair.

“I would love to, but I have to meet my friend. It’s important and I can’t go back on my promise. Maybe some other time,” I replied, grabbing my purse and heading out, suppressing laughter at his puzzled expression.

That evening, I set my ultimate plan in motion. I called Monica to a high-end restaurant to celebrate our friendship with a special dinner, then texted Aaron, claiming an emergency and urging him to come quickly.

At the dinner, Monica was all smiles, unaware of the upcoming bombshell, when Aaron walked in, shocked to see us together.

“Vic? Monica? What are you doing here? Do you know each other?” Aaron’s panic was palpable.

In a stunning red dress, I stood, signaling for attention with a glass clink.

“Good evening, everyone. I’m Victoria and I’m here to thank two very important people in my life. Aaron and Monica, I’m grateful that you accepted my dinner invitation tonight. Here’s something I want to tell you.” Aaron’s gestures begged me to stop, but this night was mine.

“Over the past few months, I’ve transformed myself, not just physically, but mentally as well. My dear Aaron, the change frightened you, didn’t it? You thought you’d lose me, so you distanced yourself from your mistress. And Monica, my dear friend, little did you know your part in my grand plan.” Monica’s face showed her dawning realization.

“But here’s the twist,” I continued, enjoying the suspense, “I’ve found someone new, someone who values me for who I am.”

Just then, a handsome man entered, approaching our table confidently.

“Everyone, meet my new boyfriend, Jack,” I declared, their stunned faces mirroring the shock and disbelief.

Turning to Aaron, I added, “And you, Aaron, I’m done with your deceit and am filing for divorce. Thanks to my new best friend,” I nodded at Monica, “I’ve collected all the evidence I need. So, soon, everything you own will be mine.”

Turning to Monica, I finished, “And dear Monica, of course, I’ll be informing your boss. Trying to steal someone’s husband isn’t wise. I’m sorry, sweetie, but it looks like you’ll need a new gym!”

As Aaron and Monica left in defeat, Jack and I toasted. “To honesty, new love, and the perfect revenge.” This was more than retribution; it was about reclaiming my life and rewriting my narrative on my own terms.

So, did I do the right thing?

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