A Cyclist Changes His Life Forever After Finding An Abandoned Kitten

This is Italian professional cyclist Niccol Bonifazio.

Throughout his riding career, he has won several awards for physical prowess, but the most priceless honor of them all came from a recent deed of compassion.

In a secluded area last month, Bonifazio was out on a 20-kilometer training ride with a group of pals when he heard something. Bonifazio heard a series of little pleas for aid coming from someplace off the road, but there were no houses or other structures nearby.

As reported by Bonifazio to The Dodo, “I heard meowing in the distance.” “It was an unsettling sound. I then ventured into the forest to look.”

A little cat that appeared to have been discarded and allowed to die was subsequently found by the worried rider next to a waste bag.

Bonifazio had, thankfully, discovered him just in time.

And with that, Bonifazio’s training ride transformed into a rеscuе mission.

“The kitten wasn’t doing very well,” he said. Time was of the essence.

Clutching the helpless baby with one hand, Bonifazio proceeded to spent the next hour riding the kitten to safety. And, as can be seen in this video of the rеscuе, he fell in love along the way.

That was the moment the kitten’s life changed forever. Bonifazio had sаvеd him from the verge of dеаth — but he didn’t stop there.

“We immediately brought him to the vet and he is now very well,” Bonifazio said. “I decided to take him home with me.”

Since then, surrounded by the love of Bonifazio and his partner, the little kitten has blossomed.

“He’s very nice and full of energy,” Bonifazio said. “His name is Bisous; in French that means ‘kiss.’”

There’s little doubt about the tragic end that awaited the kitten had Bonifazio not heard his cries that day — but because of his actions, the road stretching out ahead now for Bisous couldn’t be brighter.

And, fittingly, it’s one they’ll be sharing together.

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