First Beach Visit for Cat Who Can’t Stop Laughing About It

Some beachgoers were enjoying themselves when they unexpectedly spotted a cat lounging in the sand with her owner. They couldn’t help but notice how pleased the cat was as they got closer, so when they discovered why, they were overjoyed.

Cat owner claims it’s her first time to the beach, according to a Facebook post by Semsema Mahmoud.

Apparently, the cat’s owner had decided to let her play at the beach for the very first time …

… and she was so ecstatic about it that she couldn’t stop grinning.

Whether she was lounging in her beach chair …

… or digging her feet into the sand, the sweet cat just couldn’t contain her joy, and her cute little smile and big eyes said it all.

When you see just how happy this cat is to be at the beach, you can’t help but smile, and she’s definitely the kind of joy we need in the world right now!

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