Every Morning A Cat Enters The House Secretly To See Her Neighbor

Liana Peklivanas and Squishy had been neighbors for 17 years, but their friendship didn’t start until the lockdown.

The elderly cat made Peklivanas’ house her second home, which was fortunate because Peklivanas welcomed the company.

According to Peklivanas, “She constantly came for a fuss but never remained.” But she started arriving every day and wailing at the door when Spain was put under a very rigorous lockdown.

Squishy lives with five other cats in a loving and rich environment. However, with so many brothers and sisters, Squishy found himself in a tight spot when lockdown was implemented.

Squishy now sneaks over to Peklivanas’ house early every morning and meows at the porch door until she is allowed inside.


She stays until her owners come to pick her up at night — but even that can’t stop Squishy from coming back whenever she wants.

“She loves it so much here that she’ll run away from [her dad],” Peklivanas said. “The owner thinks it’s amusing that she comes [to get] peace from the other cats. She’s an old lady now after all!”

At Peklivanas’ house, Squishy’s treated likе a queen and gets brushed, fussed over and fed special treats. Plus, there’s plenty of space to sunbathe undisturbed.

When lockdown restrictions were lifted and Peklivanas started to go back to work, Squishy wasn’t happy about it. To stop Peklivanas from leaving, she now follows her to the car and hops in as soon as the door opens.

And when Peklivanas returns from work, Squishy is always happy to see her. “She always greets us at the gate when we return home,” Peklivanas said. “She doesn’t officially live here, but she thinks she does.”

Peklivanas finds the lockdown to be much more fun thanks to Squishy, and vice versa.

Peklivanas said, “She has such a huge and kind personality. “She has won my heart in a way that no other cat ever has. She has such an honest friendship.”

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