Cat Returns Home With A Note Exposing His Double Life on His Collar

This is Nilo — a sweet cat who has a secret. Well, he had a secret, that is.

Recently, the truth was revealed.

When Nilo was simply a kitten, born to a neighborhood strаy, Héctor Morales adорted him. Since then, Morales has given Nilo a warm home, but he soon realized that Nilo had inherited an unquenchable need for outdoor activities.

Morales was content to allow his cat such freedom since he knew Nilo wouldn’t travel too far and would always come home safely on his own.

As Nilo got older, however, he got bolder as well.

Before long, his afternoon adventures began to lengthen, until days would pass with no Nilo in sight. Initially, Morales was worried that his cat was Iоst and desperate someplace. But oddly enough:

“He always returns home, likе he’d never left,” Morales told The Dodo. “Very calm, and fatter, too.”

Something was going on. Morales soon found out what.

Nilo arrived the other day after his most recent multi-day excursion. But something was a little different this time.

Morales was shocked to see a letter on his cat’s collar.

It was surreal, said Morales.

Turns out, Nilo wasn’t so outdoorsy after all. Instead, he’d been leading a double life. And he even had an alias.

“We are the other family of ‘Angelo,’” the note read. “When he’s not in your house, he’s at ours.”

Morales was surprised, and he did feel little betrаyed. Nilo had been playing him for two. But that feeling soon disappeared.

When Morales gave it some thinking, she stated, “I was thankful that another family cared for him and had even given him a name.”

Nilo was ready to go again after a few days. Morales made the decision to send a message back to the other family of his cat as a result.

“Can you give me your number?” Morales wrote, adding that they could use it to let the other know if they were ever away on vacation. “PS: Nilo ate tuna before he left.”

Nilo’s (or, rather, Angelo’s) secret second dinners may soon be a thing of the past, but the double helping of affection will carry on, no longer in secret.

“Cats decide who they love,” Morales said. “If we love them back, we can’t deny them that.”

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