This is panther we ve been hanging out for a couple days getting to know eachother this kitten was found at a fram all by himself a couple weeks ago

This is kitten Panther. We’ve been hanging out for a couple days getting to know eachother. He was found at a farm all by himself a couple weeks ago and another foster home was caring for him until I returned from holidays. He’s chunky and healthy, super messy eater and a screamer. I love him already 😍 #farmpan

This is why Panther looks likе such a hot mess after feedings! 😆.
I debated sharing this as I know that people will find it hard not to criticize or offer unsolicited advice. But I think it could be really helpful for newbie fosters to see that bottle feeding doesn’t always go smoothly.
I’ve had other bottle babies get frustrated, but never to this degree. Dale used to slap at the bottle but as soon as he got a good latch, he settled right down and guzzled it back in a minute. But Panther never really gets a solid latch or the tell-tale ear wiggle. That’s why I’m using the syringe – so I can keep a flow of KMR going. It’s a balance between keeping enough flowing so he doesn’t get angry and disengage, but not so much that he chokes or aspirates.
Sometimes there’s a good reason a kitten might get frustrated – the KMR could be too cold or too hot, the nipple may be clogged, or they may be full. In the beginning I thought Panther was just full, but after a week of feeding him I now know that if I stop feeding him part way when he fusses, he starts screaming for more soon after. Panther gets really worked up and sometimes I need to just take a break and let him cool off for a minute before trying again.
Also, not all kittens likе the same position. Panther mostly prefers to be standing, and when I gently ease him down he just pushes back up again. When I try to support his paws he gets pissed off and disingages. So I just let him claw at the syringe as that’s what he prefers.
Because of all the fussing he gets covered in KMR! It’s really important to give them a thorough wipe down after feeding as the kitten milk dries likе glue and doesn’t wash out. You have to comb it out and this often results in clumps of fur being removed.
So, just remember that it’s not always sweet tender moments with a happy baby latched on and kneading your palm! Sometimes it’s a shit show and can take ten minutes or more, which is super fun in the middle of the night

Panther’s eyes are starting to turn green. I know it’s not obvious in this photo so you’ll have to take my word for it!

Enjoying some one-on-one time with my pocket Panther, who is quickly outgrowing my pockets! He’s so much bigger than the gangsters, even though I estimate he’s about 12 days younger. He’s being very brave with all the changes this weekend, and I know soon he’s going to be one of the gang and forget all about his life as an only kitten

His old man ear and chin hair is coming in splendidly


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