Having Been Rejected By His Mom He Was Completely Blind And Helpless At Only Three Weeks Old

With his eyes closed, he looked almost exactly likе a newborn cat and easily fit into a person’s hand.

Florida-based animal rеscuеr Beth Walden was inspired to act when she learned about the condition of the kitten.

She started feeding him as soon as she brought him inside her house. She would have to feed him drop by drop constantly since he was unable to consume food as other kittens his age could.

The crust surrounding his eyes was then removed, and Beth administered antibiotics.
She’d have to be patient as she waited for him to open them, not knowing if he’d ever see again.

Beth gave the little kitten she called Guinness her whole attention for a couple of weeks before Guinness started to flourish. His personality also developed along with his appetite, but his eyes stayed closed.

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