Guy Wanted A Big Dog But Ended Up With A Tiny Hairless Kitten

Marcus is a large man with several tattoos. He believed that a large dog would be the greatest choice for him as a pet given his appearance. But after seeing a little, hairless cat named Dobby, he had a change of heart.

When Marcus brought Dobby home, he fell in love with it immediately. The kitten also loves his parents, especially his dad so much. He always asks to come into his dad’s shirt, pokes his head out, and just hangs out.

Dobby likеs water much likе other cats. When his father gives him a bath, he is afraid. He became calmer, though, as Marcus lowered Dobby over the sink to be nearer to him. “I’m permitted to bathe him and place him near to me. He is at ease and at ease.”

“I was used to a big, giant 100lb+ dogs. In the beginning, I thought it was the honeymoon phase where I just wanted to be around him, was obsessed with him. But weeks have passed, months have passed and I still don’t want to separate myself from this kid, ever,” Marcus shаrеd.

Before Dobby, Marcus had never desired a cat. For sharing the tale with us, we especially appreciate Marcus. You may follow Dobby on Instagram and TikTok if you’re a fan.

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