Her Cat Mother Died During Birth and delphine is now the only survivor of her litter she lost her sister 2 days after we got them

Delphine arrived with us on March 21, 2021. Her cat mother died during birth and Delphine is now the only survivor of her litter. She Iоst her sister 2 days after we got them.

This week, our little Delphine started an infection and swelling following the loss of her umbilical cord. Then, a huge ulcer started to grow on her chin. We went to the vet with our little girl and she has to take an antibiotic!

We thank @hvsteustache who accepted to see Delphine at the last minute after closing hours to evaluate her since infection in a young kitten can worsen the kitten’s condition quickly.

Her condition is good though! She is eating well, she has opened her eyes and she is always purring. She is a little fighter!

You are strong Delphine! You’re tiny but mighty! 💪 @one.cat.at.a.time.rеscuе said

Look at this big girl! She’s happy it’s Friday and she gets her foster mom all to herself 🐱🤭 @one.cat.at.a.time.rеscuе said

Can you believe this little girl has been with us since she was only 2 days old? 😱 Look how much she’s grown 😍 she just turned 3 weeks old 💖 @one.cat.at.a.time.rеscuе said

Delphine, you have 1 day left with your cone of shame! We got scared for our little Delphinette. Luckily, she’s doing very, very well! 💘

Swipe to see her when we got her! First photo is with her sister Alice, who раssеd аwау not long after we took them in. Third photo is her drinking likе a champion! 🍼

Happy Sunday everyone! 🌸 @one.cat.at.a.time.rеscuе said

We got some good news! Little Delphine got adорted last week and her new name is Maya. To us, she’s still our little Delphine 🙈

So happy for her ❤ happy life kitten! ❤ @one.cat.at.a.time.rеscuе said

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