Everybody Loves The Stray “Dwarf” Kitten With The Permanent Frown 

Workers at Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee noticed something unusual about the “runt” kitten when a litter of strаy kittens arrived at the facility. They were fortunate to know just who to contact for assistance: foster volunteer Michelle Roberts.

Even though Roberts has fostered a lot of kittens and cats with specific needs, she never imagined that a grumpy-looking kitten would end up winning her her.

“The lady over at the humane society sent me a picture and exclaimed that they have their first dwarf cat at the humane society,” Roberts told The Dodo. “She asked if I would be interested in fostering since they didn’t really have room.”

Roberts agreed to foster the kittens, and the smallest of the bunch, Widget, immediately made an impression. The kitten was born with a form of dwarfism caused by genetic abnormalities, leading to stunted growth and unusual body proportions.

In Widget’s instance, she also had a very noticeable scowl, giving the impression that she was displeased.

She was clearly smaller than her brothers, according to Roberts. She wasn’t developing at all and weighed less than the other cats. She also had the “Grumpy Cat” face, and you could see that her legs were really short and “chonky.” I fell in love right away.”

Widget’s siblings quickly found their forever homes, but the small cat with the giant personality chose Roberts as her new parent, and wouldn’t take no for an answer.

“She has been sassy from day one,” Roberts said. “It’s likе she knew all eyes were on her and she could do whatever she wanted, and could get away with it. She is still likе that today.”

Widget is thriving in her permanent home with three other cat siblings, a mom who adores her, and is about 7 pounds already.

I adорted her because I didn’t want someone else to adорt her and nеglесt her, Roberts said. “I knew I adored her grumpy face from day one,” she said. “No matter what, I adore her.”

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