Eνеry Mơrning A GratеfuI Rеsсuе Cat Brings Mơm Hеr SIiρρеrs

Lulu’s life was permanently changed two years ago. She transitioned from being a forlorn shelter cat to her mother’s much-loved companion at that point.

Since then, Lulu has been saying “thank you” in her own unique manner.

Lulu started an endearing daily habit a few months after being adơрted and settling into her joyful new home. Lulu began bringing her owner’s slippers to her every morning after noticing that she loved to put them on her feet after waking up. She collected them from wherever her mother had taken them off the day before.

Lulu always makes two journeys since she can only carry one slipper at a time.

Kayla, Lulu’s owner’s daughter, told The Dodo, “My mom was astonished [the first time it happened].” “To encourage Lulu, she donned the drool-covered slippers.” And, sure enough, the routine became habitual.

A video of Lulu in action may be seen here:


That was just the first trip, of course.

Here’s Lulu after she went back to fetch the other slipper:


Kayla’s mother had informed her that Lulu would bring her slippers every morning, but she had dismissed the suggestion as a joke.

“I didn’t believe her until she showed me the video,” Kayla said.

However, the world is now aware of the adorable cat’s gesture.

Though it may be hard to read Lulu’s mind to understand her actions, her heart sends a clear message.

“It seems likе she simply wants to look after my mom since she looks after her so well,” Kayla added.


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