Kitten Nearly Drowned In Strong Rain Before Being Saved By A Worker Just In Time

Istanbul, Turkey saw a street kitty trapped in a rainstorm. It was fortunate that working-class Metin Keskin was nearby and quickly intervened!

The cute infant passed out and exhibited no signs of life.

As she massaged the filthy kitten’s lungs to get the water out of them, Metin knelt down directly on the sidewalk and started giving him mouth-to-mouth artificial respiration.

One of the onlookers recorded the action on video:


After a few agonizing moments, the kitten squeaked a little audibly and began to breathe!

Metin took him to the vet and handed him over to the doctors.

But the story didn’t end there! The man wanted to adорt this kitten for good – all he had to do was wait until the kitten was treated.

Metin says that he feels happy saving someone’s life and is glad to have a new pet in the house!


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