7 Yеars Aftеr Hе Wеnt Missing A Man Rеunitеs With His 19 Yеar OId Cat

Chebon, the lovely tabby, had been Iơst for seven years, and there was little possibility of finding him. Robert has most likеly accepted the fact that he will never see his tiny companion again until he receives a life-changing call. A nice stranger apparently contacted him to inform him that his favorite kitten is safe and sound and that he can’t wait to see him again! It’s reasonable to say that after suffering a great deal of heartache, Robert witnessed something that can only be defined as a miracle.

The cute kitten vanished years ago, just as Robert was about to relocate from California to Ohio. The bereft owner decided to cancel his plans and spend the entire year in California searching for his missing pet but to no avail.

In a video uploaded on the Ventura County Animal Services website, Robert stated, “I remember at one time I was praying and I said, ‘God, I’ll do anything, just get my Chebon back.” Robert had no option but to move on because the cat seemed to have vanished forever.

Then, seven years later, a woman saw a cat that appeared to be siсk and decided to catch it and take him to the clinic. Fortunately, the cat she discovered had a microchip, and they were able to identify the owner of the 19-year-old cat that had been living on the streets for years in an instant. That’s when Robert got the call that his cat was still alive.

In the reunion video, Robert commented, “I was scared there was some kind of error.” The man decided to board an aircraft and go from Los Angeles to meet an old friend.

Robert recognized his friend and fell into tears when he finally saw the cat. The two pals were reunited after all these years. The poignant event was filmed by the animal sanctuary and went viral almost immediately, causing many people to cry.

Below is a video of the reunion.

Here’s how people reacted.

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