As Her Cat Passes Away, a Little Girl Sings To Him, But Their Special Relationship Lives On

Cats truly become members of the family, therefore losing one is never easy.

Bailey, the hero of the best-selling book “Bailey, No Ordinary Cat,” died of renal diseаsе at the age of 14 and crossed the rainbow bridge. He was a big part of his human family, and he loved his sisters as much as they adored him.

In this touching video, one of the sisters, Abby, sings a song to Bailey in his dying hours, a tune she’d been singing to him since she was able to speak. It nearly broke my heart and reminded me of my 20-year-old cat’s dеаth.

Abby is just four years old, but the two have been inseparably linked since she was born.

It’s heartbreaking to know that this was their final moment together, but at least they both experienced this wonderful moment, determined to make every minute count. I believe Bailey was aware of what was going on and was relieved to be in the arms of someone he loved.

They were likе this when Abby was just two years old:

Six months later, something unexpected happened, and it seemed likе the right time to open their hearts and welcome someone new into their family, who, by the way, has four legs.

In the next video, we witness how great Bailey’s connection with all the girls was, as well as meet the newest addition of their family, A Cat Named Carrot:

Isn’t it sweet to see how attached these girls have become to both of their cats? I’m sure Bailey would agree that they’re blessed to have Carrot in their lives today.

Carrot, likе Bailey, has become a social media sensation; her Instagram profile has over 152,000 followers (compared to Bailey’s 206,000) and is still growing.

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