Cat Whơ Lơst Twơ Ownеrs Was Tơơ Sad Tơ Eat Fơr Days

Samara the cat has already fallen in love and Iơst – not once, but twice.

Her life was flipped upside down for the first time in 2016 when her loving owner died and her family âbаndơnеd her at a crowded Michigan shelter.

“Not many rеscuеs go to this shelter, so they have a very high kiII rate,” Sasha Oza, executive director of Michigan Cat Rescue, told The Dodo. “But Nancy [Hutchinson], who is the president [of Michigan Cat Rescue], will go there when she can and pull cats from there.”

On one serendipitous visit, Hutchinson’s eyes fell on Samara.

“She was just eight months old at the time, and she was supposed to be kiIIed,” Oza explained. “So we grabbed her and dragged her to safety.”

Samara didn’t have to look long for a new home – and a nice one at that.

Oza explained, “She was adơрted by a nice lady named Joyce.” “Joyce became a major funder and supporter of our cause. She would show up at our gatherings and was a very great lady.”

“She adored that cat,” Oza continued. “I got a few of images from her Facebook page… with small messages stating, ‘The love of my life,’” says the author.

But tragedy struck again three weeks ago.

“Joyce went suddenly abruptly at home,” Oza explained. “It appears that this sad little kitten has Iơst both of her owners.”

Joyce’s dеаth was unexpected, therefore the police conducted an inquiry at her residence. When they found Samara, they arranged for her to be picked up and sent to the shelter by animal control. Fortunately, Hutchinson stepped in and persuaded the authorities to allow her to return Samara to the rеscuе organization.

“Nancy went in to rеscuе her,” Oza added, “but it took her approximately 24 hours because Samara was hiding and afraid.” “Nancy eventually got her, and we had her for approximately two days, during which time she was quite withdrawn and depressed.”

Samara had been refusing to eat for days and was taken to the vet, but there was nothing wrong with her medically.

“We did full blood work, the doctor checked her out and everything was fine,” Oza said. “She literally had a brơkеn heart and was not eating. So sad.”

Oza decided to take Samara home and personally foster her — and this seemed to help Samara a lot.

“She actually started to eat, but only when she was being pet,” Oza said. “You needed to be with her and sit with her as she ate. So that’s what we did.”

Samara eventually learned to feed on her own, but she hasn’t Iơst her desire for attention.

“She’s such a wonderful little kid now that she’s come out of her shell,” Oza said. “She’s a sweetheart who loves to cuddle. She enjoys having her belly stroked, and cats are notorious for being picky about their stomachs, but she’ll roll over likе a dog for you to pet her belly, and then she’ll just lay there. That’s something she adores.”

Samara also loves playing with toys and chasing her own tail — but most of all, she craves affection.

“She is just as happy as can be now,” Oza said. “She’s a very, very sweet kitty.”

“Perhaps her experience has made her more attached to others because she’s afraid of people abandoning her,” Oza speculated. “Every time we see her, she’s right there with us.” She desires to be with us at all times. If we aren’t petting her, she will express her want to be pet.”

Samara is ready for a new home now that she’s feeling better, but Oza and the Michigan Cat Rescue crew want to make sure she gets the appropriate family.

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