At The Shelter They Were Paired Off And Made The Decision To Hug Each Other Individually

A ginger kitten was picked up from the street, where he was circling in one spot, and taken to the for-profit shelter Oakland Animal Services. He desperately needed a companion since his skull was skewed to one side.

A lonely tricolor kitten named “Girl” was brought to the shelter around that time. The shelter staff was certain that these two should become buddies. Cardamom, the newcomer, was introduced to Ginger Cinnamon, and the two kittens hit it up right away.

They started embracing one other right away as if they were siblings.


Stretching, massage and the company of another kitten did Cinnamon good – he was getting better. Day by day he straightened himself higher and walked more evenly, and the tilt of his head became less noticeable.

Hoping to find loving caregivers for the kittens to continue their recovery, the shelter turned to Saving Grace Rescue in San Francisco for help.

The recuperation is excellent. Cinnamon and other kittens simply need time, according to Amber Rose, the founder of Saving Grace Rescue.

The kittens quickly developed the habit of purring loudly and running to their guardians for cuddles after settling in to their new home. They appeared to have discovered their calling in life.

As soon as foster dad sat on the sofa, both kittens jumреd on his knees, licked his beard and fell asleep on his chest.

“If you sit down or lie down, they will both run on your stomach or just sit next to you just to be with you,” says foster mom, Joyce.

“They purr when you take them up. Every morning I discover them on my chest, purring.

The kittens quickly began to rest on everyone in the house’s shoulders.

Cardamom enjoys riding on Mom’s shoulder and watching how chores are completed, while Cinnamon loves to hop on Dad’s shoulder and observe how he makes work calls.

The two kittens went to cuddle all the neighborhood dogs and cats after meeting them. Cinnamon curled up next to his fourteen-year-old puppy, Brandon, confident that the only person who had been absent all along was his dog.

Kittens make sure that no one is left without their attention.

“Both love to cuddle at night. I sleep, and on my right hand are Cardamom and Kanga (our domestic cat), on my left is Cinnamon.

The best buddy and girlfriend are prepared to hunt for their own place of residence after spending weeks with guardians.

They will be linked to one hand and are rather near. Cinnamon has almost totally eliminated his head tilt, adds Amber.

Stepbrother and sister continue to give affection to everyone and everyone, hug and purr while waiting for the owners of their dreams.

Cinnamon and Cardamom enjoy a well-fed life surrounded by people and furry friends.

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