A “Tough Guy” Cat Reveals To His Rescuers That He Is Actually A Cuddly Old Teddy Bear

When Jen Boger was browsing the profiles of homeless animals, she stumbled upon a picture of Mason, an elderly and scruffy cat with a “tough guy” expression. Boger, who serves as the cat intake coordinator for the Northern Virginia-based Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation as a volunteer, realized right away that he had to join them.

He was characterized as having a gruff demeanor but being quite lovable and lovely, according to Boger, the blogger behind Pokey Pot Pie, who spoke with The Dodo. “My all-time favorite cats are these hardy elderly tomcats. I discover that the most of them are quite nice cats, despite the fact that they are frequently bruised and scarred from battling for existence on the streets.

Boger knew if their rеscuе didn’t step in, Mason might never be given the second chance he deserved. “Looking at Mason’s photo and description, I knew he was the type of cat that would get passed over again and again by potential adорters and other rеscuеs because he looked so scrappy, tough and siсk,” Boger said.

When Mason arrived at Boger’s home, he was eager to put his tough-guy lifestyle behind him. The first few days, he hid from Boger when he heard her approaching but quickly gained the confidence to ask for what he wants more than anything — lots and lots of pets.


“Now, he either waits at the door for us or comes bounding over as soon as he hears us approach,” Boger said. “He loves to be pet and will nudge your hand or arm if you stop for even a few seconds.”

“He doesn’t have a mean bone in his grizzled old body,” Boger added. “Just lots and lots of love to give.”

Mason had been left all by himself for such a long time, and it was obvious.

We anticipated him to arrive with matted fur, filthy ears, fleas, and an overall untidy appearance, according to Boger. He was, however, the saddest, siсkest cat I had ever seen.

Mason had significant scars running down the sides of his face, and both of his ears were injured. In addition to having ringworm and other dental and medical problems, his fur was scraggly.

However, Mason is mending and getting stronger every day after several weeks of doctor visits. Although Mason has faced some health issues, Boger indicated that everything “appears to be solvable.” He has handled everything that has been thrown at him so far quite effectively.

Mason has experienced a lot in his life, but Boger described him as a “kind, sensitive, tiny old teddy bear.” And whomever adорts him will have an immediate best buddy who is so generous with affection.

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