To Save A Kitten In The Middle Of The Road A Brave Motorcyclist Stops Traffic

Quentin Leroy may not have noticed her if he had tried to blink.

Fortunately, he managed to catch a glance just in time.

While out for a motorcycle ride near his home in Belgium late last month, Leroy spotted a little life huddled in the most perilous of places — a kitten moments away from disaster.

“I was shocked,” Leroy told The Dodo. “I screamed out, ‘No! There’s a little cat in the middle of the road!’”

Without hesitating, Leroy pulled over. He, along with another driver who stopped, then halted traffic to sаvе the kitten’s life.

Here’s that moment on video:

Leroy said, “The cat was afraid.

Sadly, the vehicle who stopped consented to take the cat to safety because Leroy was unable to carry her on his own. The kitten was then sent to a nearby rеscuе organization.

As she is now known, Silky, is now in a foster home as she waits to be adорted by a forever family.

The eagle-eyed Leroy has been called a hero for leaping into action that day. But he says he was simply following his heart.

“I couldn’t leave her,” Leroy said, adding of the driver who also stopped: “I’m reassured to not have been the only one who had that reaction.”

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