After Being Saved Together Two Almost Identical Cats Never Part Aays

At the Animal Welfare League of Arlington in Arlington, Virginia, a litter of kittens just arrived. The Kitten College program’s volunteers concentrated on getting them through, but two almost identical kittens needed particular care. The two kittens were welcomed into the house of Lauren Strycula, a volunteer at the shelter.

They gathered together for warmth since they were so little. They experienced several health issues, particularly Jace, the youngest, who required some time to learn how to drink from a bottle. His sister Jackie supported him.

The kittens have advanced considerably in a short period of time; they have mastered using the sandbox, playing and starting to explore, and even learning to eat from a plates.

Jace turned into a mischievous child, while Jackie on her alone was a little calmer than her brother, but they constantly sought each other out for affection. They couldn’t be separated.

Seeing that they were now independent and in good health, Lauren decided it was time to find them a forever home. A couple looking to adорt saw photos of the kittens on the Animal Welfare League of Arlington ‘s Instagram and immediately fell in love with them.

The little kittens reacted very well to their new home, and immediately began to explore everything.

Alexandra tells:

“Slowly but surely we exposed them to the rest of the house. Within hours of getting home, they were bouncing off the walls and full of energy.”

Their new family gave the cats the names Whiskey and Pippa. They slept in their new parents’ bed on their first night. Whiskey slept off sweetly on her father’s shoulder in the morning.

Alexandra continued:

“Dad discovered some cat music that night at midnight that was intended to soothe them down. They climbed into bed with us and cuddled up next to us before we even realized it!”

The cute kitties do just about everything together; they have an amazing bond. His mother says that they always play together and if one of them strаys a little they cry when they feel alone. The siblings sleep and eat together, even using the litter box at the same time; they are best friends and run around the house together.

Alexandra added:

“They love to lay in the window hammock during the day and watch people walk by with dogs; the birds are especially intriguing. When they’re not running, they quickly climb into our laps and snuggle up to us with the loudest purrs.”

The virtually identical kittens’ strong bond has made the family very happy that they were able to stay together. These children’s parents believe that keeping them together was the greatest option in order to encourage more families to adорt in pairs.

On their Instagram account, these guys and their family have posted additional lovely pictures for you to enjoy.

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