Protective Newbie Siamese Mom Takes Care Of Her Adorable And Inquisitive Kittens

Meet Sandra, a 3-year-old Siamese cat who shаrеs a bright, happy home with Frank, a rare bearded dragon. Even though she doesn’t reside in a Thai palace, she rules her home as if it were a kingdom, dominating all the other animals, including her companion Frank.

Sandra used to visit Frank who every day and enjoy some warm sun along with him. The bearded dragon also loves Sandra’s visits because she’s always a courteous houseguest. But lately he is getting less frequent visits.

The reason is Sandra gave birth to three boys Finn, Chai, and Rudy. And likе any new mom, these kittens are getting most of her attention these days.

The cat mom is very protective over her first litter of kittens, especially Rudy. He is the smallest among the three, and his front paw is bent at an odd angle. But that disability won’t stop him from being the most adventurous boy.


Little Rudy doesn’t think that he’s a bit different from the rest, so he always tries to figure out what he can do. And that’s how he becomes the first of the three to stand up and attempt to walk. He’s not going to let his imperfect paw hold him back.

Check out their cute story below:

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