Little paralyzed Kitten Rediscovers Walking And Becomes A Foster Father

Marie got a little laundry basket one evening in late January of last year, with a tiny cat inside. He was coated in his own excrement and urine and covered with fleas. The sub 2-pound paralyzed kitten was a little creature. Marie took him up, held him close to her, and gave him the name Charlie while he screamed in fear.

Marie had never taken care of a paralyzed kitten before, so she didn’t really know what his future would be. Although Charlie was in a lot of pain and couldn’t use his back legs, he was very bright and active.

After a visit to the vet, they recommended Marie to put him down. But in that moment, she refused to do that as she knew euthanasia wasn’t the right choice for him.

She took him to an emergency department, where the surgeons agreed to sаvе him. Unfortunately, his surgery cost was $10.000 -12.000, so Marie started a GoFundMe page and started sharing Charlie’s story. Within 24 hours, she raised more than enough money for his surgery.

He underwent surgery a few days later. Marie was pleased with his significant adjustments. He was once again able to stand up straight and go about to explore everything. He had such drive.

Since having Charlie, Marie took on many kittens who needed care and love. Charlie used to be a paralyzed kitten, but now he can walk on his own legs and becomes a foster dad. He is now a huge source of inspiration and motivation for other special needs kittens.


Without Charlie, I don’t think that I would have had the guts to follow my dream of animal rеscuе. I am so thankful that I was able to take him on,” Marie said.

Watch the video of Charlie here:

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