A Stray Kitten Begs To Be Adopted After Following A Stranger In The Parking Lot


Jason Belisha, a guy from Georgia, told a fascinating tale of how he came upon a strаy kitten in a parking lot. He decided to take the adorable cat with him and assist in helping him find a new home because the feline had won his heart.

According to Belisha, when he was returning a rental car, a cute gray-colored kitten suddenly appeared and cried for help. The kitty immediately ran into his arms, sniffed his hand, and proceeded to rub his face all over him. It was clear that the kitten was asking for love and attention from him.

I heard a little child meowing under the car next to me while I was returning a rental car, so I crouched down, and he walked straight up to me, Jason recalled.

Belisha stroked and petted the cat before setting him down. The kitty, however, persisted in crying and followed him about. He was determined to go with the man home. Belisha snatched him up and threw him in the car with him as a result.

On the way home, the kitten wrapped Jason’s arms and fell asleep in his lap. “He was naturally super friendly and sweet,” Jason said.

Jason fed the cat, gave him the name Popeye, brought him home, and even introduced him to his corgi dog. Amazingly, the two creatures bonded and become friends right away.

A buddy subsequently proposed to adорt Popeye after falling in love with him. It had a sour taste. Despite his affection for Popeye, he chose to let his friend take care of the cat. He is aware that in his new home, which he deserves, he will be cherished and cared for. I frequently visit my friend’s house to see this magnificent kitty.

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