Cute Cats Refuse To Give Up Their Favorite Cuddle Bed And Insist On Sleeping Together

Meet Lili, a grey cat, and Renley, a ginger cat, siblings who are the closest of friends. They have been attached to one another since they were kittens and are members of a loving family. They are so devoted to one another that they insist on sleeping on the same bed, which is situated atop a cat condo, every night.

Ever since they were adорted, this bed has been their favorite napping spot. Unfortunately, the bed got smaller and smaller as they grew, but that doesn’t stop them. They can still squeeze in and cuddle. They curl up as close to each other as they can get before drifting off into a sweet sleep.

And of course, this adorable act of love cannot be stopped by anyone even their owner. “Renley is usually the boss, so when he wants to cuddle – they cuddle. When he was little he used to meow and look for Lili if she wasn’t in the same room,” the kitties’ owner told Bored Panda.

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Although they have grown so much out of their bed size, they still keep sleeping and snuggling each other.

Too much cuteness.

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