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Jennifer Grey reveals the truth about her relationship with Patrick Swayze in ‘Dirty Dancing’

Released over three decades ago, Dirty Dancing is still considered a classic loved by millions. Back in 1987 when it first saw the light of the day, nether the directors nor the actors could have predicted its cultural impact.

Besides the magnificent plot, it was mostly because of the lead actors that Dirty Dancing gained so much popularity. Although neither Patrick Swayze nor Jennifer Grey were the first picks for the iconic roles that helped them cement their place in the world of film, we are glad they eventually were the ones to land the roles, because honestly, we can’t imagine other people playing Johnny and Baby.

According to reports, Val Kilmer was initially offered the role of Johnny Castle, and both Sarah Jessica Parker and Sharon Stone auditioned to play Baby.

The chemistry between Johnny and Baby felt so real that many were convinced they were a thing off screen as well.

In her latest book, Out of the Corner, Grey gave fans a close-up look at her relationship with her co-star.

Before collaborating on Dirty Dancing, Grey and Swayze worked together on a film called Red Dawn. Back then, she wasn’t a fan of his antics. “Patrick was always pulling practical jokes on me and everyone else. Even though it was all in good fun, I couldn’t take it. I remember thinking, ‘I can’t take this man anymore,’” she recalled on The View.

When fate reunited them again, Grey wasn’t happy about playing alongside him at first, but once they did the screen test everything changed. Swayze was aware of her feelings towards him so he apologized for his conduct. “He said, looking into my eyes, ‘I love you, I love you, and I’m truly sorry,’” Grey recalled.

During the filming, they had disagreements from time to time, but being true professionals they were able to put everything aside and find a middle ground.

“After reflecting, I wish I had accepted him for who he truly was, rather than attempting to transform him into someone else,” Grey wrote in her book.

Grey spoke of Swayze’s acting and praised his talent, adding that he was very supportive especially during the challenging dancing routines. She characterized him as passionately protective, robust, and deeply devoted to his career. Grey was over and over again captivated by his beautiful skin and pleasant aroma.

“He was a great dancer and he was fearless,” Grey told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. “His fearlessness with my fearfulness…together was like a marriage where you have two opposites.”

Dirty Dancing made $214 million on a $6 million budget and the studio wanted a sequel. It was also what fans wanted, but the only thing that stood on the way of a second film was reluctant Patrick Swayze, who besides being offered $6 million for a sequel, said no to a follow-up.

Recently, Grey has been confirmed to return as Baby Houseman in Dirty Dancing 2, and efforts are being made to involve as many original cast members as possible. The release date would likely be the summer of 2025.

The creative team plans to incorporate Swayze’s character in Dirty Dancing 2 rather than recast Johnny Castle.

“There will never be someone who can replace Patrick. He was rather distinctive. We will always be grateful for his memories and strive to create something new and distinctive from them,” Grey said.

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